About CASI

The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (C.A.S.I.) is back in business after a strong reopening of its Concordia University branch last year. The 2013–2014 academic year promises to take us to new heights as we offer the student body exciting and innovative opportunities

CASI serves as a forum to bring together industry leaders and university students to promote the aeronautics, space, and remote sensing fields in Canada. Boasting a network of over 1600 members across Canada, CASI members benefit from an international network of contacts, annual workshops, conferences, and publications.

Throughout a series of academic and social events, this year’s new CASI-Concordia executive team aims to enhance your academic experience. Concordia students with an interest in aerospace should not hesitate to contact us to find out what we can offer you!

In addition to CATIA tutorials, company tours, and other shenanigans, CASI is once again gearing up to compete in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ world renowned Design, Build and Fly (DBF) competition, making Concordia University the only Canadian institution to compete in this event two years running.

Don’t miss out, come join us this academic year and experience what CASI has to offer!

Concordia University Chapter